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Research area

Skin Interfaces

We imagined something that didn’t exist yet
and then we realized it, in the most creative way possible.


How to transform the surface of the body into an interactive platform?
With innovative technologies applied to cosmetics.
This is the innovative challenge of Hydraink and our skin interfaces technologies:
we want to shift the make-up from a simple body coloring process
to a dynamic and interactive experience.
Hydraink is a makeup system that allows
you to change the color of your make up
according to your preferences, just by using an app.
Hydraink is a system that allows everyone
to change the colour of their make-up
according to their preferences, just by using an app.
Hydraink's history begins in 2017,
when Ventiseidieci started new research
on the chemical and physical components
of raw materials, such as thermo chromatic
and inorganic pigments, and began developing
wearable ink sensors to monitor UV exposure and hydration.
Hydraink was born from the idea of ​​creating innovative cosmetic products:
the swivel nanocrystals that will be used in lipsticks, nail polishes, skin products
and hair dyes, in fact, can change color when stimulated by a magnetic field controlled by an app,
thus transforming the surface of the body into an interactive platform.
Over the course of its history, the make-up sector
has undergone changes that have mainly concerned
the composition of materials and their performance,
but it hasn’t recorded any significant innovations
regarding the methods of use.
This is why Ventiseidieci is investing in the Hydraink project:
the needs of the new generations to express themselves
in an increasingly dynamic and diversified way
are still not reflected in the cosmetic products available today.
The patent for the protection of the formula and method “Dynamic Cosmetic Product” was filed in December 2017
at the Italian level and subsequently extended to the European and international one.
This important goal will allow Ventiseidieci to maintain its leadership once the product is introduced to the market.