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Everyday billions of fake products destroy
the value of investments, originality,
work and innovation.
This is a real scourge both for the defense of intellectual property
and for international trade: counterfeit products
represent the illicit market first entry: $ 461.85 billion per year
is even more than the value of the worldwide drug traffic.
USA are the most affected country, followed by
Italy. The most damaged sector is the clothing
one, along with audiovisuals, electrical
equipment, IT products and food.
We want to start our campaign against counterfeit, in order to defend the authenticity
of the products and the exclusive creativity of the brands.
Ventiseidieci has partnered with Nanobrick, the South Korean company that has patented
this innovative technology and is now the only official dealer for M-Tag in Europe.
M-Tag® is a security solution that provides an off-line and online authentication using a combined system:
MTX, a material that can change its color if brought into contact
with a magnet and M-Check, a mobile phone application.
Offline MTX authentication
MTX is a magnetically colour-tunable photonic crystal that changes colour
when approached to an external magnetic field:
the magnetic force, in fact, influences the orientation of the internal
structure of the material, making it change colour.
If a product marked with the MTX tag is authentic, the label will change its colour
from brown to green by approaching a magnet.

Online M-Check authentication
The M-CHECK smartphone app works thank to the QR code technology:
by applying a QR code to the M-TAG Lite, Standard and Premium the authentication process turns simpler
and it is possible for the user to have product information and optional services
just by reading the code with a smartphone.
With regard to counterfeit, the user can directly report the place of purchase to trace its distribution channel.
In order to know if a product marked by the MTX tag is
false, it is sufficient to approach it to any magnet: if the
tag turns from brown to green, it is authentic.