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In our effort to improve research and social progress, we have been supporting for a long time the Meyer Foundation of Anna Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence. To encourage socio-scientific evolution, we gave continuity to our collaboration, strengthening common goals and values.
Anesthesia and intensive care are distinctive areas,
both for the quality of the services offered to patients and for optimizing the work of the clinical staff.
Therefore, we enhanced them in order to boost medical care and save children's lives.
Our second donation provides the hospital with innovative machinery that makes the management of anesthesia and intensive care safer. It gives the chance to manually control emergencies and it is equipped with a simpler and smarter software interface, customizable layouts, and constant monitoring.

This medical device protects patients' lungs during surgery as it is a protective lung ventilation approach that reduces postoperative pulmonary infections and complications.
In the past, we donated an instrument to improve the OCT exam,
Optical Consistency Tomography.

The future lies in the hands of children and Ventiseidieci is committed to
guaranteeing it next to those who want to make it better.