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Research comes first

Scientific research is in our DNA.
We support and coordinate investigation processes
in the field of new material sciences and nanotechnologies,
biotechnologies and artificial intelligence.

Tech and sustainability

We know that nature holds the secrets
of the most advanced technology humans can achieve.
That’s why we are always in connection
with the environment and the territory:
inspiration, respect and harmony with
the earth are a must for our company.

Human progress

Improving people’s lives is our main interest.
We are breaking the mold with innovative
and visionary technologies that lead to concrete
and applicable solutions to everyday life.

Safe and simple

People are happier when they feel safe.
For this reason, our research and development activities
are oriented towards technology solutions
that must be both secure and easy to understand and use.
Our Manifesto

We believe

Science and environment are two concepts that stay at the heart of all our products.
We believe that scientific progress can be a tool for development,
and technological innovation must be sustainable,
respect the planet and make us feel more free and secure.

We want

We want a simpler world.
We wish for more useful and effective products.
This is why we develop and market solutions for data analytics,
machine learning and predictive analysis platforms
in the fields of health, security and genetics.

We care

Our innovative products are useful to people,
their daily needs, at work, in the family, in social relationships.
We want people to feel free and secure more and more every day.